Bing on Windows Phone 8 gets new look, features



Windows Phone 8 users will soon see upgrades for Bing that include a streamlined interface, new search result categories, richer results for popular websites, bigger thumbnails and faster results that use less data.

Bing’s Search Blog gives a detailed preview of the upgrades Bing is rolling out for Windows Phone 8. They will show up automatically on U.S. phones in the coming weeks, with additional markets following.

There are some highlights that will make your search experience much more efficient and enjoyable.

When you tap the Search button, you’ll now see three results categories: Web, images, and videos. Richer, tap-saving results for popular websites mean that when you search for “Delta Airlines” appears as the top result, but under it, on the same page, you’ll also see links to flight status, the SkyMiles frequent flyer program, and flight schedules. Also, after the update, your phone will download results in the default Web view, with images and videos populated on demand. (The current Bing downloads results into all four existing categories with results every time you search.)

Here’s another cool perk Bing desktop users have had since last year that now will be available on Windows Phone 8: Snapshot, which provides at-a-glance information about people, places, or things.

Read about other upgrade highlights on Bing’s Search Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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