Daily Update, Nov. 26th – Get to Know Microsoft’s First Lady of Gaming


Two stories out of Microsoft today:

First: Are olives drenched in hot sauce the breakfast of champions? They are if you’re gaming champ Alex Hebert-Ruiz, a onetime top-10 ranked Halo player and one of the world’s most gifted gamers. Alex now works at Microsoft, where she advocates for Xbox LIVE Arcade games when she’s not playing Halo 4. Read this Microsoft News Center profile of Alex to learn more about how her infectious enthusiasm for games and game culture carried her to her latest adventure at Microsoft. That’s Alex to the left.

Also, Microsoft has announced the first major update to Visual Studio 2012. The upgrade delivers improved Windows and SharePoint application development, agile team support and continuous quality enablement, all designed to help developers jumpstart productivity and drive down risk. You can get the new Visual Studio 2012 now on the Microsoft website.

Posted by Jeff Meisner
Editor, The Official Microsoft Blog

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