“I’m deaf. I’m British. Be warned.”


Editor’s note: The following is a post from Jennifer Warnick, a writer for microsoft.com/stories.

Fight or flee. Sink or swim. Face the music or become a grocery clerk.

Every life has its moments of truth, and one of Jenny Lay-Flurrie’s came in her twenties. She was working for an Internet company, and things were going very well. So well, in fact, that she was offered a promotion managing customer support call centers in Europe. She’d make more money, but it was more responsibility, including managing remote workers, which meant using a mobile phone. Her heart sank when she realized what this meant. She couldn’t take the promotion, because her ability to use a mobile phone was declining. And she couldn’t use a mobile phone because she’s been deaf nearly her whole life.

“I’ve finally done it,” she thought. “I’ve hit my wall.”

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