Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 Unveiled


The Kinect for Windows team unveiled Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 at the Engadget Expand event this past weekend.


The latest iteration is the result of thousands of hours of work since the release of the Kinect for Windows SDK v. 1 and comes with a host of cool new capabilities.

Next at Microsoft Editor Steve Clayton reports that “The camera now has the ability to discern between an open and closed hand and to recognize different hand gestures. This opens the door to a whole new realm of interactive possibilities, like being able to ‘grip’ an image or three-dimensional object and manipulate it, or use a simple push motion to select a button.”

You can read more about the latest Kinect for Windows SDK version over on Next at Microsoft and the Kinect for Windows Blog.

Posted by Jeff Meisner
Editor, The Official Microsoft Blog

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