Sony’s big reveal at COMPUTEX includes VAIO Pro 11/13, “SurfSlider” VAIO Duo 13


Sony showed off two new laptops today at COMPUTEX 2013 – the VAIO Pro and the VAIO Duo 13 (pictured above).

The VAIO Duo 13 has a design that’s sure to appeal to those who can’t decide between a tablet and a laptop. It’s a next-gen “slider hybrid PC,” which means that it goes quickly back and forth between a tablet and a laptop. The screen slides back to reveal a full-sized keyboard and trackpad using a newly engineered hinge Sony calls a “SurfSlider.”

Meanwhile, the 11- and 13-inch VAIO Pros (pictured below) are some of the lightest ultrabooks out there. (Two are under three pounds and the smallest is a svelte 1.92 pounds). They’re also fast, with high-speed PCIe SSD (solid state drives) that are twice as speedy as traditional laptops.

And for your tapping pleasure, all summer 2013 VAIO models – including these – will also come with NFC (Near Field Communication technology). This allows for the quick exchange of website URLs and enables Bluetooth connections through tapping a compatible NFC device to the VAIO PCs.

Explore more about these Sony PCs announced at COMPUTEX on the Windows Experience Blog.

Sony VAIO Pro (in “Carbon Silver”):

Sony VAIO Pro (in “Carbon Black”):


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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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