The Future of Search Goes Beyond the Search Box


The Verge’s Tom Warren published a story that does a great job of capturing our thinking on the future of search in general and Bing in particular.

Warren’s piece is a strong reflection of the Online Services Division’s strategy to enrich and differentiate Microsoft devices and services using the expertise built over the past several years in constructing the Bing search box.

The story focuses on Bing’s deep integration with so much of what we do here at Microsoft, and quotes Qi Lu, president of the Online Services Division, who spoke about the future role of Bing, among other topics, at TechForum last week.

In the story, Warren writes:

Lu says access to physical objects, something you wear on your wrist or glasses, and other traditional devices will help Bing use computational intelligence to provide context and data outside of basic search. “Now the way for human beings to express their interest or needs goes way beyond a browser search typing in keywords,” he believes. “You can use voice to have a conversation, you can use gestures to express yourself.”

Posted by Jeff Meisner
Editor, The Official Microsoft Blog

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