You’re invited! Xbox One launches Nov. 22, ad campaign begins now


On Friday, the Xbox team launched a campaign to invite the world to join the Xbox One launch on Nov. 22. The campaign is designed around celebrating our fans, and Xbox One is the only all-in-one entertainment system that brings together content loved by gamers, movie buffs, sports fans and TV lovers alike, all in one place.

The Xbox One television campaign launches Sunday in the U.S. during Sunday Night Football on NBC and will subsequently roll out to the world. The ads, directed by award-winning director Bryan Buckley with visual effects from The Mill, will highlight characters and content from games, sports, movies and TV shows that are part of Xbox One.

“The ads were designed to celebrate that for the first time, the best in gaming is coming together with the best of entertainment, all in one place,” says Robert Matthews, general manager of Consumer Marketing, Xbox. “Authenticity was a key goal for the campaign design, from including one of only three McLaren P1’s in the world to represent ‘Forza Motorsport 5,’ to including Liverpool football star and England national team captain Stephen Gerrard, to actor Zachary Quinto representing Spock.”

Ads will appear in 12 markets around the world during popular TV programs including NFL football games, “The Big Bang Theory,” “The X Factor,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Modern Family,” “The Walking Dead,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Duck Dynasty” and more. You’ll also see the Xbox One launch invitation appear online, on billboards and in movie theaters.

For more information, head on over to Xbox Wire.

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Jennifer Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff

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